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“The difference between the right word and the almost right word is really a large matter — it’s the difference between lightning and a lightning bug”         Mark Twain

What Is Translation?

Translation is the communication of meaning from one language to another language.

This apparently simple definition actually contains very significant key words: 'communication' and 'meaning'.

Indeed, the right translation is not the closest one nor the most beautiful, it's simply the one that succeed in communicating the meaning of the original text in a new language.

What Is My Translation Process?

Eric Vigneron English to French Translator - My Translation Process

1. The first Task of any translation process is an accurate analysis of the original text in order to gain a comprehensive understanding. 

For me it's extremely important to have an insight into the global meaning before starting the translation.

2. Translating is the core of the process. 

I translate each part as if I am writing them in native French, seeking to keep the global meaning. 

No word-for-word and No automatic translation. 

3. The first Proofreading operation is done manually and with great care to correct mistakes and clumsy wording.

At this stage I also reformulate each part in order to produce native-like content.

4. For the Editing task I use an automatic professional spelling/grammar/style checker (Antidote 9) to eliminate remaining issues.

At this stage, the text takes its final shape and if required by the client, I do all the necessary formatting (layout, pdf, word, etc.).

5. Before the delivery, I do the final proofreading and I check the quality of the result.

6. The ultimate task is the delivery of the translated material.

My Services:

  • English to French translation for professionals, individuals and students.

  • French editing and proofreading

  • French writing

  • English videos transcription and translation

Fields in wich in Work:

  • Websites

  • Real estate contracts

  • Business agreements

  • Resume/CV

  • Mail/email

  • Articles

  • Books/novels

  • Property descriptions

  • Technical manuals​

  • Instruction manual

  • Terms & Conditions

  • Private Policy

Why a Freelance Translator instead of an Agency?

  • Value: Because there's no intermediary, you pay only for what you need. That is, the translation.

  • Consistency: One translator dealing your texts means more quality in the long term

  • Confidentiality: You give the access to your sensitive documents to one person only

  • Communication: You always speak directly with the person in charge with your material

My Clients

Eric Vigneron

As an experienced native French translator, I can translate all of documents or web pages.


I can also help you by proofreading and  rewriting text that has already been translated.

But I don't just translate and proofread your document: I reformulate, adapt and rewrite it so it looks like a authentic French document.

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